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The author Stefan Koenig has put a very exclusive book under the modellers' trees just in time for christmas - a special from "The military machine" about the 18 ton halftrack FAMO. The paperback consists of 116 pages - though just calling it a paperback really would not cope with it's outstanding quality. The book is divided into four main chapters: Sd.Kfz.9 including the subvariants like artillerytractor or with the light Bilstein crane, Sd.Kfz. 9/1 with 6 ton Bilstein crane, Sd.Ah. 116 and finally detail photographs from surviving FAMO from the Parola museum in Finland.
Next to the very good photos, also the diferences of the production variants are shown in good drawings - a great help for the modeller. The composition of photos is just excellent - finally a book not showing the all to well known standard images. Also diorama builders get a good value for their money, as the book shows a great variety of towed items - ranging from a standrad twoaxle trailer up to 40,6cm shipguns destined for a coastal battery in France!
The photos depicting the 22 ton trailer with and without FAMO too are a great benefit for the reader's eyes. Whether the FAMO and trailer are driving through narrow citystreets corners or over bridges - everything is there. In short - for a price of around 25,- FAMO fans and/or modellers receive more than a justified value for their money. If you stil have an unbuild FAMO at home, this book is a MUST BUY!

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