Diorama "Dragon Wagon und Biber"
Ian Barraclough

The Dragon Wagon is the Tamiya plastic model with the Eduard etched brass detailing set for both the trailer and the tractor. I have also used the Royal Models resin and etched detailing set fore this model. The tractor has been modelled to depict a specific vehicle with extra lights on the cab and underneath the chassis next to the winch. The tool bins on both the tractor and trailer have been remodelled from plastic card to show the bins being open with tool placed inside. Lots of extra stowage and tools were added from the "spares" box. Marking were added from the kits decals, other decals, dry "Letraset" markings and hand painting. The frame for the Biber submarine was made from balsa wood and railroad plastic card and mouldings.

The Biber submarine is the Verlinden resin model made essentially from the box with some detailing added from the " spares" box. The "13" marking was printed onto transfer paper using a LaserJet printer.

The figures are a mix of resin figures from Verlinden, Ultracast, Warriors and Scenic Miniatures. All figures have been modified to fit the scene.

The stowage around the diorama came generally from the " spares" box, although the pump for the salvage diver was made from plastic card and balsa wood. There are five rats in the diorama.

The water was made from railroad "scenic water" , clear resin and five-minute epoxy resin. I didn" t realise that there was a leak behind the "sea wall" so I ended up using a lot more resin than I expected to use.

The dockside is made primarily from balsa wood. The dockside wall stones are made from plaster, left to dry then etched with a modelling knife. The cobblestones are a rubber mat. This was bought as a one Metre strip, and then glued to the balsawood base. The drainage strips were made from plaster - self etched. The drains and manhole covers are resin commercial items.

The welder actually "welds" by means of a dolls house effects lighting circuit, stowed in the base. The two lights (red and bright white) are built into the " jig" for the Biber submarine. When switched on with the front switch the white light glows and flickers for a few seconds. It then goes out and the red light glows then slowly dies.

The Crane is a Mig Productions resin model built straight from the box.

The Beep truck is from Academy, built from the box with lots of extra stowage. The divers helmet and boots were self-cast; using the Verlinden figures items as masters.

The diorama took about four months in total to build, working approximately four or five hours a night. I planned this model extensively whilst I was on my REME Artificers course using scale drawn plans, Internet photographs and computer imagery. I'd like to thank my wife Vicky for her patience in my time consuming hobby, and my dog Jasper - for not eating it!

© 08/2007 Ian Barraclough