Tiger I spät

Erbauer: Preston Stinger

1:35 Bausatz von Dragon

Original: Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger 1
Bausatz: Tiger 1

I added a few upgrades such as ATAK Model resin zimmerit, Masterclub resin tracks, and a RB metal barrel. I painted this Tiger with Tamiya colors and weathered it entirely with AMMO by Mig Jimenez products in the following steps.
1. Applied Tan for 3 Tone Camo Filter to the whole vehicle.
2. I used Dark Wash for German Vehicles to bring out the details.
3. Chipped the metal surfaces with Vallejo paints and added Ammo's Streaking Rust Effects to the chips.
4. Mixed Ammo's Dark Mud and Starship Filth Oilbrushers with enamel thinner to create a thick wash and applied randomly to the zimmerit to create an uneven dirty effect.
5. Applied Light Dust effects in some of the corners.
6. Applied Dry Light Soil Mud effects to the lower running gear and splattered up near the rear of the tank to create dirt buildup.
7. After letting the previous step dry for 2 days, I used Loose Ground Splashes where there were larger buildups of mud on the lower surfaces.
8. To unify the lower surfaces with the upper surfaces, I mixed Loose Ground Splashes with a few drops of wet effects and thinned with enamel thinner to a heavy wash consistency. Then I applied this mixture where most of the dust accumulated on the upper surfaced.
9. Finally, I mixed Ammo's Engine Grime with Starship Filth Oilbrusher and thinned slightly to create the oil and grime effects near the engine deck and running gear.
This is just a quick explanation of the steps I went through to finish this Tiger.