Expo Modelista 2014, Almeria, Spain

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The charm of a small contest
What was the best of the recently held Expo Modelista 2014 at Almeria? That they managed to get the best of both a big show and a small contest. It has been their first edition and I found it quite a success, the models shown were of a high quality, the activities were amazing and the modellers there, among the best in Spain.
It was like a small contest because of the number of pieces (368 in total), the area covered and specially because you could easily walk around the tables with models, see them in detail and talk with the authors. All of this are good points, taking you to the most social part of modelling: sharing experiences, meeting people and asking.
On the other hand, the names around are well known even outside Spain: Jose Luis Lopez, Michel Perez, Carlos Bravo, Daniel Zamarbide, Ruben Gonzalez, to name some of them.

And Joaquin Garcia Gazquez, head of the organization for this meeting.
For me, having the chance to talk to any of them is already a luxury, so meeting all of them on the same lounge is quite an experience.
The contest was at the hall of Almeria Museum, with the kits over tables without side or covering glasses. It allowed a perfect view of the models, enjoying their quality and studying how they were done. There were vehicles, dioramas, vignettes, aircraft and ships. Regarding armor, there was a good balance between modern and WWII, and from all armies.
There were also several sessions devoted to practical aspects of modelling. As they were on a small lounge with few public (some 20-30 people), it was easy to see in detail and even ask any question.
And finally, during the whole show three modellers (Ricardo Porto, Jorge Merino and Cesar Gonzalez) created a vignette, from groundwork to a vehicle and a figure. As they were working real time, you could stop by any time you want and see the progress, ask, talk... Another great chance to learn by example.
All in all, attending the show was more than worth, and you can see more than I can say visiting their excellent website at Expo Modelista 2014


(C) 04/2014 Carlos Martin

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