Modellbauer: Frithjof Greiner

Juror Gesamtnote Kommentare
"Mig" Jimenez 7,0 Great dio, good air-view , good backgorund but terrible narration. At the frist look the whole dio is really nice...well composed and good elements and ideas, but the history with the US GI searching for hidden germans is a bit poorly explained. Too many figures with a minimun interconxion convert the  hisory in something too cinematographic, like a serie B movie. Is necesary to take care of the rust stains and weathering, and also the small accesories like the net and others. Anyway, who made that have a good future making dioramas if you try to explain better your next history with less figures. Less is more.
J. de Luelmo 8,5 Good "suspense" story , espectacular dio with a nice water tower and good arrangement of volumes, lots of elements and details, but needs greater attention and care to finish.
J. Javier Laínez 8,1 -
Z.Belan 8,6 Bemalung Jagdtiger nicht schön, unrealistische Szene , US Soldaten nicht schön bemalt, tolle Dio-Idee
T.Hartwig 11,4 tolle Dio-Idee; exzellenter Selbstbau des Wasserturms; zerbrochene Fenster wirken allerdings unrealistisch; zuviele Vögel in der Nähe (Realismus); Jagdtiger mit Inneneinrichtung; Jagdtiger zu extrem gealtert; sehr gute Vegetation

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