Jagdpanzer IV

Modellbauer: Uwe Adolf

Juror Gesamtnote Kommentare
"Mig" Jimenez 9,2 Even if the vehicle is well painted as well as the ground and rocks, and I cannot iunderstand the relation between the big mountain and the scene with the tank and figures. A diorama means a relaction between scene, ground, vehicles and figures and in this case a group of german climbers after unload all stuff from a Opel Blitz or something similar, can explain a nice history, better than a Jadpanzer. Or...a Jadpanzer with different background, like a city, field or factory...typical backgorund for a taanks that need to ambush enemies.... Hovewer, good work and original.
J. de Luelmo 9,0 Tank and groundwork nicely built, even if there seems to be no relation between them (sure an artillery piece o top, or a crashed vehicle in the base would have more sense). Anyway painting in general is very good, figures are very original and the end result attractive.
J. Javier Laínez 7,7 -
Z.Belan 8,8 Zu viel Kratzer, Kette zu rostig, ansprechende Szene
T.Hartwig 9,7 Panzer mit netten kleinen Details; großes, interessantes Dio; Kratzer/Abnutzung etwas zu extrem

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