Modellbauer: Sven Heimroth

Juror Gesamtnote Kommentare
"Mig" Jimenez 8,2 One of the most difficult subjects in a T55...balkans war!!! But you treated it very well and the result is convencing. Nice camo, slogans and effects. The tracks and wheels have the main problem....because seems more a rusty and abandonated tank than  a new one. Study real photos of the T55 tracks and you will understand it. The enigma T55 in this contest is a good example. But is something that with your skill can fix easily. Nice work!!!

J. de Luelmo 8,0 Great work from head to toes! Some very realistic effects here and there. Subtle and wild at the same time. Awesome!

J. Javier Laínez 8,1 -
Z.Belan 9,0 Microbemalung nicht authentisch, gelbe Tarnflecken zu stark signalisierend
T.Hartwig 9,8 nette kleinere Eigenarbeiten; schöne Gestaltungsidee; Farbabrieb wirkt sehr gut; gute rauhe Gussstruktur des Turms; Plane der Rohrabdeckung sieht unrealistisch aus; Kette könnte besser aussehen

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