Modellbauer: Torsten Schulz

Juror Gesamtnote Kommentare
"Mig" Jimenez 7,2 Great subject but because the problem of the small size the dust work seems uncontroled or out of control. With small vehicles is necesary use different technics or minimize its use.  Also, is a pity that the unfocused photos don't allow to see better the complete work. Of course the general look seems good and balanced about color and effects except the wild dust. Good conversion.
J. de Luelmo 7,0 Attractive little subject. Good detailling and overall painting, just the detail painting and specially dust need to be treated with more care in a small vehicle like that.
J. Javier Laínez 7,8 -
Z.Belan 8,4 Bemalung und Verschmutzungen nicht realistisch, teilweise unsauber bemalt
T.Hartwig 8,5 Scheinwerfer und Blinker vorn sehen gut aus; keine Eigendetailierung; Verstaubung ok; unvorteilhafte Fotos

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